Douglas County has numerous challenges I've thought about and intend to address. These are ones I consider of utmost importance:

On keeping us SAFE

  • Douglas County needs more sheriff deputies. Relaxed laws and regulations (thanks to the Democrat Legislature) plus population growth plus multi-family developments means more crime activity. I'm for giving our Sheriff's Department all the support it requires.
  • Our justice system is hampered by a too-small, outdated building. Currently, suspected perpetrators must pass within a few feet of the victims and at times it is very difficult getting physically challenged folks to where they need to be. I believe updating the Judicial Law Enforcement Center (JLEC) is essential.
  • Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District has adopted the Wildland Urban Interface code but East Fork Fire Protection District has not (and it should). Fire represents a major risk in the kind of high brush and low humidity environment we have. We read about fire tragedies in similar places all too frequently. I think it's time Douglas County took a far more aggressive approach to preventing a fire disaster.

On keeping us SOUND
  • I will not raise any tax in this County or impose any general obligation bond without a vote of the people. It is all too easy for government to implement what we, the people, consider unnecessary services, programs, and employment positions by raising taxes instead of resisting the additions.
  • Considering that our County's approved budget shows us operating by taking money from what are supposed to be Reserves for at least the next 5 years, better management of financial resources is called for. I see no reason for continuing Redevelopment Area No. 2, which will wall off more than a hundred million dollars from County funds over its 30-year lifetime.
  • Nevada law allows, and good financial practice recommends, 25% of unallocated funds to be held in Reserves. Douglas County's Reserves fall far short at 16%. Cost-saving measures rather than expanding government are in order.

On keeping us RURAL

  • I'll fight to get Infrastructure to the front of the line. Our rural quality of life is at risk when Commissioners seek and encourage more development instead of taking care of what already exists. Development does not pay for itself, and we have a long way to go to catch up on our infrastructure.
  • I would absolutely require that Developments conform to the Master Plan, and in any case, no new developments would be entertained until the backlog of approved projects was significantly reduced.
  • I would initiate getting reliable data on the County's water resources, traffic projections, and availability of services, and call for a building moratorium until the data is in hand.

“Let's be safe, sound and rural”

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