Why I am Running for County Commissioner, District 3

For 20 years, my goal was to retire and move to Douglas County. In the years since I realized this dream, I have worried that the character of this beautiful, unique county is being undermined by over-development and special interests, while at the same time, infrastructure needs throughout the County are not being addressed. The casino corridor at Lake Tahoe has been outpaced by the Indian Casino industry in Northern California which the Casino owners themselves have accommodated and contributed to, but I don't believe building an 80 million dollar event center (192 million with bond financing) is the answer to the possible revitalization of that area. I'm especially troubled that public safety issues such as additional deputies and the need for an updated and expanded Judicial and Law Enforcement Center are being ignored.

For these reasons I am running for County Commission District 3.

MY PLEDGE: I will work to keep Douglas County . . .

  • Safe - By supporting Public Safety needs and projects to improve infrastructure to adequate standards
  • Sound - By setting policies that prepare us for financial emergencies and ensure financial stability in County government
  • Rural - By overseeing and managing development that maintains our rural heritage.
  • “Let's be safe, sound and rural”

What People say About Mark


  • "This county is going in the wrong direction. We are ignoring priorities, catering to the wants of the few, and planning too much growth without the infrastructure to support it. I support Mark gardner to get us back on track"

Time until Elections 2020

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